Hi, I’m Jeff Sarmiento, a web designer from
Toronto, Canada and I enjoy making smokin’ websites.

Jeff Sarmiento is Feeling the Love


In early May of 2008 I released this website to showcase some of my work, start blogging and just be my little space on the web. Since it’s release, I’ve received a bunch of feedback from my visitors on the design, with most of it being positive. Everything from “Cool website design” to “Very inspirational, love your work” to “Great site, when shall we team up and dominate the web?!?” (that comment was great by the way, muwahahaha). So I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU to my visitors, for all the love, wherever you are from. Keep the feedback coming, I love hearing from you guys. And sorry if I don’t respond to all the feedback you guys are sending my way, you guys sure are keeping me on my toes.

This website has also recently been recognized on different design communities, showcases and CSS galleries across the web. A couple notable commendations include being featured on Wed Designer Wall’s 2008 Design Trends and Smashing Magazine’s Hand-Drawing Style In Modern Web Design – Volume 2. Some other showcases I’ve recently been featured on:

For a more complete but not entirely up to date list of websites I’ve been mentioned on, visit my About page. So I also want to give a shout out and thank you to all of these websites for the love they have given me. I truly feel honoured to be amongst some of the best designed websites on the web.


We Have Lift Off!


This site has been in the works for quiet some time now and after putting it off due to higher priorities and after a couple redesigns of the mockups I’m happy to say it’s finally live. I do have to say designing a website for yourself can be a challenging task. I’ll try to write a follow-up post to this with what helped me finally get a design that I was happy with.

Sooooo, welcome and thanks for visiting. JeffSarmiento.com will be my new home on the web where you can find out what I’m up to, see examples of some of my work and once and a while you’ll find a blog post on design and other things that interest me.

Have a nice day.


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