Hi, I’m Jeff Sarmiento, a web designer from
Toronto, Canada and I enjoy making smokin’ websites.

meshU Gets a Redesign


Last month I gave the meshU website a much needed redesign. The old meshU design I made was ok. Very very simple, super clean. The website was straight forward, information was very accessible and the content was easy to read. But when you look at the old design, it is not clear that meshU is related to the mesh Conference (for those that don’t know, meshU is a sister-event of the mesh Conference). Visually the old meshU design gives no sense of connection to the mesh event (well accept from the mesh logo in the sidebar). The new design however gives the meshU brand a fresh splatter of creative flair which I think captures the essence of the event. At the same time it creates a connection to mesh which I think was absent before.

The New meshU Design

The Old meshU Design

And for all of you reading, mesh and meshU are just around the corner. Both take place every spring right here in Toronto and both have some great speakers lined up. To find out who’s speaking visit the meshU speakers page or the mesh homepage. Both events always sell out so I recommend you get your tickets as soon as you can.


Jeff Sarmiento is Feeling the Love


In early May of 2008 I released this website to showcase some of my work, start blogging and just be my little space on the web. Since it’s release, I’ve received a bunch of feedback from my visitors on the design, with most of it being positive. Everything from “Cool website design” to “Very inspirational, love your work” to “Great site, when shall we team up and dominate the web?!?” (that comment was great by the way, muwahahaha). So I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU to my visitors, for all the love, wherever you are from. Keep the feedback coming, I love hearing from you guys. And sorry if I don’t respond to all the feedback you guys are sending my way, you guys sure are keeping me on my toes.

This website has also recently been recognized on different design communities, showcases and CSS galleries across the web. A couple notable commendations include being featured on Wed Designer Wall’s 2008 Design Trends and Smashing Magazine’s Hand-Drawing Style In Modern Web Design – Volume 2. Some other showcases I’ve recently been featured on:

For a more complete but not entirely up to date list of websites I’ve been mentioned on, visit my About page. So I also want to give a shout out and thank you to all of these websites for the love they have given me. I truly feel honoured to be amongst some of the best designed websites on the web.


Golly, this Website Sure Does Look Familiar


I’ve recently been notified by some of my sites visitors that the design I made for the mesh Conference website was ripped. I’ve had a design ripped before but never as blatant and close to my original design as this one. Here’s the mesh Conference website and below is the rip:

Pirated Website


My initial reaction was “Whoa!” Everything from the images to the source code was lifted right from the original mesh Conference website. They even left id=meshu in the source code. I have not contacted them directly but I have been told that they have been notified.

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jQuery Image Replacement


While I was building this website I ran into the question of whether or not to use an image replacement technique for its graphical headers. I wanted a technique that kept my web pages accessible, search engine friendly and of course awesome looking. Here is a simple image replacement technique that I whipped up which uses jQuery to replace text with an image. Example and code below:

Bomb Diggity

$(document).ready(function() {
  if($('#logo')[0].offsetWidth == 288) {
    $('h2.img').each(function() {
      string = $(this).text();
      filename = string.toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, '-').replace(/([^0-9a-z-])/g,'');
      $(this).html('<img src="/images/' + filename + '.gif" alt="' + string + '" />');

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meshU Afterthoughts

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I was able to attend meshU yesterday, which is a one day event held in Toronto, Canada, that runs best practice and how-to workshops for designers, developers, project managers or anyone in the web technology industry.

During my day at meshU I was able to catch great presentations by Kevin Hale of Wufoo, Daniel Burka of Digg, Jon Lax of Teehan+Lax and John Resig of jQuery. I was intrigued by what each had to say during their workshop and I was able to take back something from each one. Especially Daniel Burka’s workshop on “Iterative Design Strategies” which hit on some design practices that I think every designer should try to adhere to, some of which I follow already. You can view the slides Daniel used in his presentation here. You can also download the slides used in Kevin Hale’s workshop, “How to Design for Love” here.

All in all, I had a great time at meshU. Met some really cool people and also got a free t-shirt with my logo on the front.


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