Hi, I’m Jeff Sarmiento, a web designer from
Toronto, Canada and I enjoy making smokin’ websites.

About Me


Hi there, my name is Jeffrey Sarmiento and I am a web designer living in Toronto, Canada. I currently work at FreshBooks, an online invoicing, time tracking and expense management service that helps people make their billing process easy. At FreshBooks I am responsible for a variety of design tasks that keep me on my toes. While my primary role involves making things look awesome by way of website and interface design, I also do web programming and development as well.

I have a passion for design that pushes me to always try and learn something new. It makes me smile to tell people that "I love what I do", and in the end I hope my work shows that.

Interests and Fun Facts

I play hockey year round and have been playing since I was a little kid. I love going on snowboarding trips and just recently have a new found interest in playing tennis. I like chewing my tic-tacs and I like eating ice cream cones without the ice cream. Some of my favourite past-times include collecting G.I. Joe, playing with Lego and getting a game of road hockey going.

About this Site

JeffSarmiento.com is a custom Wordpress theme designed and developed by me using tableless XHTML and valid CSS which conforms to W3C's Web Standards.

This site was built and is being maintained on my 15" Macbook Pro using the Mac editor TextMate.

Hosting of this site is on a dedicated Rackspace server managed by my buddies over at Globacore.

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